Leveling System

The core of {REDACTED}'s rewards system boils down to leveling.

1 EXP = $1 Wagered

VIP Pass stakers unlock multipliers earning them EXP faster than non-stakers.

Dollar value is derived from the crypto asset to USD rate at the time of wagering.


  1. Steel 10K EXP

  2. Cobalt 50K EXP

  3. Tungsten 100K EXP

  4. Titanium I - Titanium III250K - 1M EXP

  5. Platinum I - Platinum III2.5M - 10M EXP

  6. Grandmaster 25M EXP

The more you wager the more EXP you gain, allowing you to level up to unlock various rewards.

Level Boosting

Depending on the tier of the VIP Pass, if staked, will boost the player's level to unlock rewards and bonuses at an expedited rate.

Level boosts do not stack, we will take the player's highest tier pass that's staked as the level booster.

The player will not receive level-up bonuses as a result of their boost, however, the rest of the available bonuses will be derived from your boosted level.

To learn more about the VIP Passes and how they enhance your experience, visit the VIP Passes page.


The following table is a summary of the various rewards, bonuses, and privileges you can unlock as you level up.

To understand these bonuses in further detail visit the Bonuses page.

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