Leveling System

The core of {REDACTED}'s rewards system boils down to leveling.

1 EXP = $1 Wagered

VIP Pass stakers unlock multipliers earning them EXP faster than non-stakers.

Dollar value is derived from the crypto asset to USD rate at the time of wagering.


  1. Steel — 10K EXP

  2. Cobalt — 50K EXP

  3. Tungsten — 100K EXP

  4. Titanium I - Titanium III — 250K - 1M EXP

  5. Platinum I - Platinum III — 2.5M - 10M EXP

  6. Grandmaster — 25M EXP

The more you wager the more EXP you gain, allowing you to level up to unlock various rewards.

Level Boosting

Depending on the tier of the VIP Pass, if staked, will boost the player's level to unlock rewards and bonuses at an expedited rate.

Level boosts do not stack, we will take the player's highest tier pass that's staked as the level booster.

The player will not receive level-up bonuses as a result of their boost, however, the rest of the available bonuses will be derived from your boosted level.

To learn more about the VIP Passes and how they enhance your experience, visit the VIP Passes page.


The following table is a summary of the various rewards, bonuses, and privileges you can unlock as you level up.


A percentage of the player's rake (house edge) given back to the player. Instantly claimable, no rollover.

Starts off at 6% and scales up to 20% as the player levels up.

A once a week/month a bonus is issued based on the player's activity. No rollover.

Bonus is based on the player's level, total wagered, and total losses since last bonus.

As the player gains EXP and levels up, additional bonuses will be unlocked. No rollover.

Fixed base amount for each level.

As the player gains EXP and levels up, free raffle tickets for current and/or upcoming raffles will be issued.

Redeeming tickets will enter the player into a raffle. The more tickets redeemed the higher the chance of winning the prize.

VIP Host

Direct contact to VIP host through Discord or Telegram. Players will be able to be in direct contact with their VIP host for custom perks and benefits, additionally the hosts will be able to give players additional rewards on top of their monthly rewards based on recent activity.

Unlocked at Platinum. Decisions made by the VIP host are discretionary and based on the player's activity.

Birthday Bonuses

All verified accounts will be able to claim a once a year birthday bonus, the account must be KYC’d to claim this.

Birthday bonuses are based on the account's rank.

Increased and/or Custom Limits

Request for increased or custom limits on casino and sportsbook bets.

Available to Titanium ranks and can scale as you level up. Speak to support or your VIP hosts about your limits.

IRL Benefits

Expensive watches to luxury cars, the top players will be rewarded in ways never seen before. Bespoke bonuses will be plentiful for all high rank players.

Available to all Platinum ranks.

To understand these bonuses in further detail visit the Bonuses page.

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