Moonbears accumulate $MOON from staking which can be used to claim free bets, leveling EXP rewards, enhanced rakeback timers, free slot bonus buys, and more.

Additionally, $MOON will be used to purchase seasonal passes for the casino and the moonbear ecosystem.

Seasonal passes will be purchasable with both $MOON and $ETH, these passes will bring exclusive badges, perks, and rewards for your casino account and Moonbears. Additionally, each season will be in conjunction with another project and provide perks within their ecosystem on top of Moonbears. Rewards will range anywhere from ETH, to NFTs, to Casino rewards and even IRL goodies On top of the Seasonal passes $MOON is redeemable for multiple casino rewards and perks. $MOON can be used to purchase free bets which can be used anywhere within the casino. These free bets will have the same rollover as all other free bets (15x). $MOON can also be used to purchase slot bonus buys entirely and all winnings will be paid directly to the player! Rakeback rewards and leveling EXP are two additional things that $MOON will have full access to. More perks to be revealed after launch.

Certain Moonbear traits also have special perks within the casino. Gold and Cosmic bears tie your account to maximum rakeback. Additionally, gold and cosmic bears will receive ALL seasonal passes for free indefinitely. That saved $MOON can be used for exclusive rewards and allocations only golds/cosmics will receive. There is one more utility for cosmic/gold bears yet to be revealed so keep an eye out. (All 1/1s will be included in the perks mentioned for cosmics/golds)

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