Rakeback is {REDACTED}'s primary reward mechanism. It is a passive way for players to receive a percentage of their bet back. Rakeback is calculated as follows:

Rakeback = Wagered Amount * Rakeback % * House Edge

The base rakeback percentage for new players is 6%. As players level up, higher percentages get unlocked. Rakeback percentage is capped at 20%.

VIP Pass stakers unlock higher percentages immediately. Staking multiple passes will stack rakeback bonuses additively and cap out at 20%.

Weekly/Monthly Bonuses

The weekly and monthly bonuses work very similarly. The bonus received is dependent on the following factors:

  • Base amount — Fixed dollar bonus based on the player's level

  • Wager bonus — A multiplier on the total wagered since the last bonus was issued. The multiplier is enhanced by the player's level and staked pass(es).

  • Lossback bonus — A bonus based on whether the player's account is in a loss since the last bonus was issued. The lossback multiplier is enhanced by your level and staked pass(es).

Profit and Loss formula based on when the last bonus was issued:

P/L = Current Balance - Opening Balance - Deposits + Withdrawals

Formula to calculate weekly/monthly bonuses:

Bonus = BaseAmount(level)
+ (
    ( BonusMultipler(level, wager, passes) x TotalWageredSinceLastBonus )
    x LossbackMultiplier(level, loss)

Level Up Bonuses

Each time a player levels up a cash reward will be issued. Once claimed this bonus is automatically added to the player's USDT balance and will not have any rollover.

Level-up bonuses will only be issued when the player's total wagered amount hits the required threshold for the next level. It will not factor in the EXP boost players receive from staking VIP passes. In essence, we are storing and keeping track of both the actual level and the boosted level under each player's account.

The level-up bonus amounts for each level are fixed and will be made available to the public prior to launch.

Raffle Tickets

{REDACTED} will be hosting various NFT raffles, some of these will be periodic while some would be based on social media activations, seasonal events, and random surprises.

The more tickets a player has for a raffle, the higher the chances of winning.

As the player gains EXP and levels up, raffle tickets will also be issued in addition to your dollar bonus. If the player has staked VIP passes, additional raffle tickets will be issued based on the number and tiers of the passes. Raffle ticket claims and airdrops can also be enhanced via stacking. The multipliers follow the same multiplier stacking progression for EXP.

Additionally, players with staked VIP passes will be able to create their own raffles with NFTs from their own wallets. Anyone is able to enter these player-created raffles whilst adhering to any limitations set by the raffle creator.

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