{REDACTED} is an upcoming online crypto casino with native NFTs, referred to as VIP Passes, integrated directly into the rewards and leveling system. The goal with {REDACTED} is to 2-fold, to build the most rewarding crypto casino and to bridge, and cross-promote crypto gambling and NFTs.

{REDACTED} will conduct a sale for the VIP Passes whereby stakers of the passes will receive boosted rewards in the Casino. These include but are not limited to; free monthly bets, instant EXP boost to Titanium, EXP multiplier, increased rakeback, and much more.

{REDACTED} is the culmination of the efforts put into the Moonbears project, launched in April 2022, Moonbears started off as a utility project, known for the fastest node in the space alongside a plethora of other utilities such as access to bots, tooling, and staking. Given the die-hard support from the community, all Moonbears stakers will be qualified to receive 30% of total net gaming revenue distributed monthly and claimable via the Moonbears staking dApp.

{REDACTED} will contain a variety of different games, these will include custom-built originals, all the popular slots, live games by the various providers, and a sportsbook. In the long run, {REDACTED} is interested in exploring new and unique games of chance where NFTs are more tightly integrated into the gameplay experience.

This document serves as a litepaper to provide details and specifications into the rewards and leveling system, revenue distribution, and a high-level roadmap.

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