Phase 0 - Licensing and Legalities

Shortly after mint, we plan to register a Curacao Gaming License immediately. On average these take 2-6 weeks to approve, so our goal is to register as soon as possible to make sure we release in a timely manner.

In addition to the license, we will finalize all legalities with revenue share, our technology, and our raffle systems to make sure we don't breach any potential legalities.

Phase 1 — Pre-release Casino Demo

Prior to full release and before license approval, we plan to release a demo of the casino. This demo will consist of most features within the casino, however, you will only be able to wager play money to test out the various features.

This period will be used to stress test the casino and provide people with a demo of how the casino will function, additionally, it will allow users a preview of what our full launch will entail. This initial release will not come with all features and will function similarly to a beta launch.

Phase 2 — Launch

We plan to launch as soon as all licenses are approved and after the initial round of testing.

The launch will come with the majority of features mentioned in this litepaper and all popular currencies supported.

Phase 3 — Revenue Share and Claim dApp

Shortly after launch, the revenue share dApp will go live and all holders will be able to proceed to claim their revenue. Revenue will be split once every month and you will have until the next distribution to claim. Any revenue not claimed before the next distribution will go back to casino management where it may be raffled amongst players at our discretion.

Phase 4 — Sports Betting

After the launch of the claim dApp, we will release our sports section. The sports section will allow traditional match betting, parlays, and more. The sports section will consist of most esports and sports available with substantial limits across the board.

The provider for {REDACTED} sportsbook will be Pinnacle.

Phase 5 — {REDACTED}

Phase 6 — {REDACTED}

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